Redefining Luxury: Capturing Timeless Moments with Perfection

Luxury extends beyond mere visuals; it encompasses meticulous attention to detail from the very beginning, even at the moment of booking. While our final product is guaranteed to leave you breathless, we’re committed to ensuring that you have a seamless experience every step of the way. With our carefully curated collections, we aim to bring you joy not only on your wedding day but also before, during, and long after the celebration.

We believe in documenting your special day in the most extraordinary and enchanting manner imaginable. Understanding the unique needs of each couple is paramount to us, which is why open communication is at the heart of our approach. If you’re interested in securing our services, we’d love to arrange a personal meeting over a cup of coffee to delve into your wedding day vision. Alternatively, for those who are a little farther away or prefer the virtual realm, we can schedule a Zoom video call to create a tailored collection that perfectly suits your wedding requirements. And let’s not forget to mention that we adore traveling and are available to capture the magic of destination weddings too!

Allow us the privilege of immortalizing your timeless moments with unrivaled elegance and finesse. Get in touch today to begin your unforgettable journey together.

 Client investment starts at $3,500

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The Wedding Experience and Process


Engagement Session

Let’s capture the love between you two! An Engagement Session will give you an opportunity to learn how comfortable and happy you will look in front of a camera. You’ll also get some great images that represent what makes you both so special: your personality, and joyfulness around us.
An engagement session gives me time during which I can work at getting natural photos without feeling self-conscious or rushed and captures those moments when everything feels perfect together


Wedding Day Coverage

We offer additional coverage for every aspect of your wedding day, do you need a second photographer or additional hours? Rest assured that we got you covered. Worrying about if those important moments will be captured should not be a worry for you, we got you covered.



You deserve high-quality, timeless images that reflect your story and personality. That’s why we edit all of our clients’ photos to ensure they are unique for you, something to be proud of, and be displayed in your home.


Next Day Preview and Amazing Turn Around Time

We know how important are your images to you, and that is why we will deliver 10-15 images to you the next day of your wedding so you to enjoy and share them with family and friends. The remaining gallery will be in your inbox within 4-6 weeks from your special day.

The Heirlooms

At Jarot Bocanegra Photography, we share a love of preserving special moments as works of art with our clients. We strive to create photographs and designs that will be treasured for generations to come, whether as a canvas display or a well-worn album. Our focus on heirloom design ensures that your wedding memories will continue to bring joy long into the future. Imagine waking up on your 50th anniversary to your favorite wedding image or falling asleep on your first anniversary with it as the last thing you see – that is the kind of enduring impact we aim to create. Let us turn your special day into a timeless work of art.