General Asked Questions

Our goal and passion have and will always be to capture your wedding day in an elegant and original way. To catch those beautiful moments between a bride and a groom throughout their very special day starting from the details of the bridal prep to those fun dancing moments (when all the stress of the day is over!)

We treasure romance, It is a quality that makes your day unique!

All of the images. We don’t select just our favorite photographs to digitally enhance, we digitally enhance every image to make them look their best because that is what we would want ourselves.

Professional photo retouching refers to the type of photo manipulation you are most likely to see on magazine covers. In retouching, a professional photoshop technician may remove wrinkles, acne, scars, reshape waistlines, whiten teeth, or other major manipulations to the photo. Retouching is very expensive and very time-consuming (We offer this service per image). Retouching is different than digital enhancements. Digital enhancements are adjustments to a photo’s color temperature, exposure, highlights, shadows, contrast, and color profiles to massage the image into looking like the photographer’s intention when taking the photograph.

Absolutely and we’ll be happy to provide your venue with proof of coverage.


What you need to know


Wedding and Portraits at Crossed Keys Estate, captured by North Jersey Wedding Photographer Jarot Bocanegra

We believe the best way to get the most out of your investment in your wedding photography is based on your wedding day photo timeline. Good photography depends on good light, and good lighting depends on timing. We would love to meet with you, even if it’s over FaceTime or Skype, to help you develop a photo timeline so you can get the best photographs possible. After we have met and walked through your vision of your wedding day together, we will be able to make an hour recommendation based on your specific wedding day timeline.

We always recommend Two and now all of our collections include two photographers so we got you covered! because your wedding is full of one-time moments. Having more photographers on your wedding day allows us to cover more angles and cover more moments. That is important, especially on a wedding day where events and moments only happen once. Click here to learn more about us.

We actually prefer planning out the schedule together. With all the different weddings we’ve experienced, we can help you navigate some of the more difficult parts on your timeline, and together we can figure out a schedule that helps you enjoy the most out of your wedding, while also ensuring that you get all the pictures you wanted!

Of course! We don’t schedule any other shoots on wedding days. If you need us to stay some extra time, we can happily accommodate you at our normal hourly rate.

Unfortunately, we do not. However, we can definitely recommend some great professionals!

What you want to know!


Photo prints can take less than a week. Acrylics and wall art in general anywhere from 1-2 weeks. These timeframes are subject to change during any extreme circumstances (such as a pandemic).ommendation based on your specific wedding day timeline.

Our albums are made from the highest quality materials in Italy, so they can take anywhere from 3 weeks to a month to be delivered.

No one wants to wait forever for a photographer to deliver their work, and we know it! Our studio works hard to get you your photos back fast. We’re proud to say that we can deliver you your session (and even weddings!) in 2-3 weeks after the photos were taken.