These past two weeks have been REALLY great and REALLY busy. I shot my first wedding and got A TON of feedback. I got so much good feedback from the j* group on facebook, other fellow photographers, the bride and groom(that made my day, ha!). The day after the wedding my wife, our son, my parents and I went down to the Shore to visit some family. That trip seemed never ending and it rained the entire way back! It was so ridiculous, we couldn't believe it actually rained ALL DAY. The day after we got back I started back at work. Needless to say I'm still feeling a bit tired but it was all worth it. I feel better than I ever did about weddings and I'm excited to shoot more!

As I was thinking about all that I did, I thought, "Ok, so what next?". I mean my life pretty much consists of work and my family. I don't have any more weddings until next year (my friends Maria's) and I don't have any engagement sessions either. SO in the mean time I figured I'd set some goals on what I need to do before anybody really decides to hire me for any gigs and here they are:

1. Get a license - My business license. 

2. Buy a Full Frame Camera - I'm hoping to buy myself the 5DMark III for Christmas this year. After all renting is great but it could get expensive and I need to have one if I'm going to get serious about this business. 

3. Practice, Practice, PRACTICE - It's hard to practice when you're not actually practicing a wedding but there's always a way to practice shooting details and portraits. This is a long shot but I'm thinking about putting a styled shoot together with a few of the local vendors. I think it would be a great help to build clientele and a great way to connect with other vendors in the industry. 

4. Create a series - When I say series I mean a series of blog posts for the week so that I'm not just rambling about things that I want to talk about but things that any of the readers would like to know too! SO basically it would be a series post for every day of the week. For example, Mondays could be about my weekend, then Tuesdays could be about anything workflow related such as Lightroom or Blogstomp and so on. SO if any of you readers have questions, feel free to leave a comment!

5. Attend a workshop - I would really like to attend a Katelyn James workshop, who doesn't!, anyone who loves photography and respects it loves and knows Mr & Mrs. James. They look like so much fun and I know I'd learn so much from just watching her work. However, they are a little out of my budget right now so that might not happen for a good while.

6. Buy a Macbook Pro - This is just because I've wanted one for so long and if I'm going to be editing I need a proper computer with the proper space to do so.

Those are just a few and I'm pretty sure I'll be thinking about a ton of other things to do but for now these are top priority. Thanks for reading and don't forget to comment about the series posts!

Happy Monday!