So.. Like I previously said, with no past education on photography and a complete amateur in this new world I was about to embark, I gave it a go… bought a Canon T3i camera and carried it around with me everywhere I went.  But as we all know, life happens and bills had to get paid so I kept my desk job and things got a little tough. I took on a second job, and sadly I came to the realization there was no time for me to spend on photography.  I knew even back then that if i really wanted to make it big and make a living off of this, I needed to spend much more time than just a Saturday here and there.

To tell you the truth, I kind of lost hope and assumed that photography was apparently just a phase I had and it was never going to happen; because as much as I wanted to do this the odds were against me.  I am a true believer in destiny and sometimes some things are just meant to be for you, as much as you want to say ‘no’, opportunities keep coming around and when you finally notice these signs you just gotta go after them…  If you ask me, things do not happen by accident, they are meant to happen for a reason.. 

Fast forward a bit some time after that we found out were expecting our first baby. What best practice and opportunity than my wife's pregnancy for me to start shooting? Yes, I had a lot to learn and little time so I spent my days and nights in front of my Mac like many others watching youtube videos on how to take maternity photos. I also did a lot of research on google and learned a thing or two, got in touch with some photographers from my area who were kind enough to give me some tips.  Our first photo session was at this beautiful park we chose, here are some pictures... Not too bad huh? 

And that folks, was the start of great things.  Soon after that I got to photograph several other soon-to-be moms. I got to capture great moments that will last a lifetime.