Hello mEET Jarot AND JENNIFER...

Hi guys! We are Jarot and Jennifer. We’re so happy that you found us!

Our adventures in wedding photography began on summit during our very first date. That’s when we discovered our mutual passion for adventure and each other.

We are art lovers and a passionate story tellers. We don’t photograph subjects, we encapsulate their moments so they can become memories that last forever. Yes, it’s a bit of a strange concept but it’s honest and it’s the best way to describe our approach to photography.

I fell in love with photography at a young age, but it wasn't until Jennifer and I found out we would soon become parents for the very first time; that our interest for photography grew more than we could ever imagine.

We were able to encapsulate every moment of our journey for our son Jacob to see one day, and that is exactly what We want to bring to others: The ability to retain amazing life changing moments in an image.

...I think that great creativity often is the result of team effort and of values working closely with my clients.

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Frequent asked questions

Do you digitally enhance only some of the images, or all of the images?

All of the images. We don't select just our favorite photographs to digitally enhance, we digitally enhance every image to make them look their best because that is what we would want ourselves.

How is digital enhancement different than retouching?

Professional photo retouching refers to the type of photo manipulation you are most likely to see in magazine covers. In retouching, a professional photoshop technician may remove wrinkles, acne, scars, reshape waist lines, whiten teeth or other major manipulations to the photo. Retouching is very expensive and very time consuming. Retouching is different than digital enhancements. Digital enhancements are adjustments to a photo's color temperature, exposure, highlights, shadows, contrast and color profiles to massage the image into looking like the photographer's intention when taking the photograph.

Do I get the high resolution copies of my images?

Absolutely. We would also provide you with printing privileges to the images you receive. Our contract includes printing privileges so you or any of your family members can go to a professional printing lab and print your photographs without the lab refusing to print the professional pictures.

How many hours of photography coverage do I need?

We believe the best way to get the most out of your investment in your wedding photography is based around your wedding day photo timeline. Good photography depends on good light, and good lighting depends on timing. We would love to meet with you, even if it's over FaceTime or Skype, to help you develop a photo timeline so you can get the best photographs possible. After we have met and walked through your vision of your wedding day together, we will be able to make an hour recommendation based around your specific wedding day timeline.

How many photographers do I get?

We always recommend Two and now all ouf our collections include two photographers so we got you covered!, because your wedding is full of one time moments. Having more photographers on your wedding day allows us to cover more angles and cover more moments. That is important, especially on a wedding day where events and moments only happen once. Click here to learn more about us.

Can I share my photos from the online gallery with my family and friends?

Yes. After the wedding, once the digital enhancement process is complete, we will email you a link to your online gallery. Once you are in the online gallery, you can download all of your photos and preserve a copy for your own safekeeping. What's even better is you can easily forward the email we send you to your family and friends. This takes you out of the middle person role from facilitating print orders family members may want. Once you forward them the gallery link, they can download & order whatever prints they would like without having to involve you in the process.

Do you have liability insurance?

Absolutely and we’ll be happy to provide your venue with a proof of coverage.